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Short Teachings!

Ego & Empathy Are Different

What is ego?

When a person is half-full in terms of knowledge and experience, he is more egoistic because he thinks he knows more than anyone and this person quite easily gets angry on anything and mostly when something is not going as per his demands or expectations. This is the ego.

What is empathy?

When you are eating something and see a poor boy in front of you at some distance seeing you in your eye as if he has not eaten anything for days, you go to him, you give your food to him and let him eat. This is empathy.


Teach and Learn, at the Same Time

If you think you have gained all of the knowledge, experience then you are going to be a bad teacher for anything you teach. Consider yourself as a student throughout your life and teach others the practical thing that you have learned and experienced; this way you will not be just teaching but sharing the experience you had and the people who follow you will be able to better understand you and what you are trying to say.

Human mentality is always to connect himself/herself with the feelings/experiences that are true in nature and hits the subconscious mind.


Everybody Is Workaholic

Everybody who is workaholic a founder or an entrepreneur or an investor basically forget is that we have a something known as home and the loved ones who live in there are our family.

Why are we doing this work? Means our jobs? The business? For money?

But what are we going to do with this money $$ if we don't know how to use it and for whom we are going to use it. I think first we must try to learn is what are we going to do with the money for which we are working day and night 24*7 and once we get that thing, then we should focus on other things.



When a storm comes and hits you hard, remember, stay put. Let it pass. Once the storm is gone, you'll see the sky is clear more than ever it was, the sun is shining like you have never seen, the birds are chirping the melodious songs.

The nature doesn't distinguish between an animal or a human, natural laws are same for everyone.

In hard times, you will feel like you are being pressed, so hard that you might not know if there will be a a morning or not however as per laws of nature, the time shall pass and with your hard work & courage, you'll see another day. The day will be full of joy, full of everything that you ever wanted.


Obsession Leads to Failure, Disaster, Unhappiness

Burnout happens when you are too much obsessed with what you love to do and the love becomes obsession.

But when you do what you love with love and in control then it gives you a feeling of freedom, being happy, being yourself.


"NO" Is Important

The truth is, "no" has a lot of importance in our life than "yes". You can say yes to everything but saying no means a lot and it could save you from catastrophic situations.

Once a business founder asked me, Lakshman Singh i have started my business & need some guidance to excel; so what would be the only advise that you'd like to give to me which is going to matter the most?

I replied: you must learn to say "no" and that too precisely at "time".


What Is Customer Retention

Business is considered established when there is good recurring revenue and that too having good customer retention. Once the business is sustained then the peak point in the business cycle is certain where the business has to maintain the demand and supply and must not forget about maintaining customer retention too.

Why i am focusing on "customer retention" is because finally it will be the customers who are going to pay for the goods or services.

Without people (customer) there is no business of course. And when people love your product or service that is when you have gained sustainability (the key factor for any business). Sustainability makes sure you get at least some fixed MRR and thereby ARR almost at the same rate.


Your Business Is Your Baby

Building a business & nurturing it is like giving birth to a child and taking care of him throughout the life...

Investing in that child, not just the "money" but mainly "the time" with patience and accepting his success & failures in every form & still trusting him over and over again.

This is the something that every founder sees & feels from the very start of an idea to its greatness and the journey is thousand miles long, long enough to make it look like never achievable or ending; but it is.


Books Are the Mirrors of Society, People, Culture, Countries

The more you read, the more you get to know the world and yourself. Books let you visualize. The words create magic. You read the words and your mind creates a picture of it, this increases your productivity, you become more creative and all of this is not much possible if you watch television or web because there is no scope of visualization of anything (you just listen and watch at the same time, your mind is captured/imprisoned).

Do read books, whatever you like and whenever you like. You'll definitely see a lot of improvement in yourself for sure !


Doing Business That You Don't Love, Is a Waste

When you put a lot of energy, a part of your life to your business then you must take a lead to lead it when your company grows.

This will be an absolute waste of "part of life" if you leave your business while it is sustained and growing, you must be an entrepreneur and must put same efforts in every phase.

An entrepreneur always make consistent efforts from the very foundation stone until either the company goes IPO or it gets an end of some kind.


Business Is Always Practical, Not Theoretical

One absolute truth is: No book can ever teach you business whether its from the school or college.

Books can only give you basic definitions but its you who will be facing the real challenges, situations which will be mostly circumstantial.

And this is the reason, why people are more comfortable in doing fixed jobs than business because the business runs on uncertainty and only a handful people have the courage to face the uncertainty and to sail through the storm.



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