Tips for Investors

Money is everything not for the Investors but for all. If you are investing money in you or your business then you just pay without thinking much but when you give/lend money to others you thinks thousands times.

Similarly in Business, when you are an investor you should not forget the following point before investing in any business, product or people.

1. Before investing a single $ in your business, make sure your business is going to give you at least that $ back. If you are unsure, please redo the math.

2. Never Ever jump in unless you have done the math after some market research and have gathered the statistics

3. You'll always see MIRAGE (water in desert) for any business that you plan BUT the mathematics on the statistics collected through market research will present you the real picture and it might look scary.

4. Remember, Money is the byproduct of a Business whereas a Business is NOT the byproduct of Money

5. Do not think of generating revenues from the first day of your business, rather build the audience first and then the money will flow in automatically.


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