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Toxic Office can Leave you in Depression


Pressure, Depression, Anxiety comes from the workplace when an employee is not much supported by the team members and the concerned Manager/ Boss in terms of work distribution, timelines, ill conversation, complaints handling etc.

Here your Boss | Manager | CEO plays a Very Critical Role. It depends on him that how much pressure he absorbs and how much he let flow upon his team members in terms of everything.

I have seen few bosses who used to scold their subordinates because their senior had scold them. I think this is the worst kind of a behavior a person can have. This is not going to benefit in any sense, rather they will loose talented juniors who can tolerate daily humiliation but otherwise they are amazing in their work. Let me tell you a short story of a Guy, he was amazingly talented in his work, he was a go to person to his team mates, but his popularity costs him in becoming a "Target" for his team lead. Boss's daily task to check on him and find a tiny mistake so that he can scold him in front of everyone. After few months Guy's patience went out and he immediately put his papers and left the company never to return back. Now, you tell me it was whose loss? Company or Guy? or Boss. Company was good, employee was good but what was wrong? The creature called "The Boss"

Someone rightly said "if Monday does not motivates you then Change your office and If Weekend Does not excite you then you better change your friends.



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