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Lakshman Singh is a Business Advisor, Consultant & Auditor (non-financial). He is also an Angel Investor, Startups Mentor & an inspirational parth finder for many current & future startups / businesses CEO's, CXO's. He holds a first class engineering graduate degree & has a total experience of 15 years in Business Ecosystem.

Lakshman has worked for or with:

1. Barclays Bank - A British Multinational Investment Bank & Financial Services Company

2. Wells Fargo & Company - An American Multinational Financial Services Company

3. Cisco Systems - An American Multinational Technology Conglomerate

4. Cargill - An American Global Corporation Company

5. Wipro - An Indian Multinational Corporation

6. HCL Technologies Ltd. - An Indian Multinational Corporation

7. Snapdeal - An Ecommerce Platform

8. Other clientele includes: Amsys Innovative Solutions, Servion Global Solutions, Artresources USA, Intransia, Telecrest, Geidi Australia, IT Management Corporation are some other examples.

9. The client list of Lakshman is too long that includes big corporations to the early stage startups.

He is very focused on helping in developing the Startup & Business Ecosystem across the globe. He guide enthusiasts, aspirants, founders, owners, cxo's & entreprenurs on the following:

1. Business Value Propositions & Business as an Ecosystem
2. Business Foundations, Culture, Key Metrics & Compliances
3. Customer Acquisition & Behavior analysis and modelling
4. Fund Raising for Startups & Businesses through various methods
5. Mentorship to Startups Aspirants, Enthusiasts & Founders
6. Sales & Marketing Strategies to Startups & Businesses

Lakshman is an expert in CUSTOMER BEHAVIOR MODELLING and with his experience, research & knowledge he can predict the customer behavior for any business. Most of his consultations requested by the companies are related to Customer Acqusition & Retention Strategies.

The other area where he has expertise is on HOW TO BUILD A COMPANY (STARTUP / BUSINESS) as he deeply knows the process, elements & whatever it takes to build a company and as per him its a process and can be considered as a LEGO GAME where you need to know how to place blocks and just a single misplacement will waste a lot of time, money & efforts.

With his case studies, business knowledge and deep understanding in Business Ecosystem, he serves the people from across the globe whether its the mentorship, advice, consultation or investments. His investment approaches, methodologies, market knowledge is often praised by many others in the same & different verticals.

He have seen, analyzed & mentored the startups & businesses from just an idea to get a recognizable state in the market. He himself has seen the success and failures in business which is why he is quite knowledgeable & got expertise in the business ecosystem. His advices & consultations to business founders, ceo's, owners are very valuable and are always appreciated.


He has his own philosophies, knowledge & methodoligies that made him a firm believer that any business can survive & be converted into multi million $$ business even in saturated markets if some factors are to be considered properly and strategies that should be executed at the perfect time.


He also believes that it's not a cumpulsion for a Startup or a Business to have a unique idea or to present the same thing in a different way, even if the same idea can be proposed to the customers through excellent sales & marketing strategies, that will makes an impact and makes the business valuable.

He is a firm believer that a business is nothing without a customer and if you take care of your customer then the customer will take care of your business. The failure & success in any business mostly depends upon the attitude, planning, execution & nature of the Business Owner, CEO or the Founder.


Startup Mentorship Program & Consultation

This program is for all Startup & Small Business Aspirants, Enthusiasts, Founders who are in need of valuable advice on how to build a successful Startup & how to get growth in it.

Fund Raising for Startups & Businesses

This program helps Startups & Business Owners to know how to raise funds for their business (Bootstrapping, Venture Capitalists, Institutions & more)

Sales & Marketing Strategies for Startups & Businesses

This program helps the Startups & Businesses to frame best sales & marketing strategies for their business by knowing the hidden psychological advantages. Sales is nothing but an art of mixed emotions, psychology, facts, figures & relations.

Customer Acquisition & Retention Strategies

This program is fully focused on how to identify who your customers are, how to reach out to them, what is their psychology, how to get the customer in your bin & then how to retain that customer for recurring business.