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11 Reasons Why Startup Fails

Most Startup's Fails NOT JUST BECAUSE OF THE MONEY but they forget to understand the BASICS and that includes:

1. Market Research & Statistics.

2. Basic mathematics Calculations.

3. Understand who the target customer/audience is.

4. Focusing on revenue more than the product & the target audience

5. Presuming everything rather than working on statistics

6. Observe & Learn. Sooner the better

7. Accept your mistakes & people will love you, no matter what

8. Be crazy when you have to be :)

9. Remember, anybody can learn the work but ethics & professionalism is something that defines your character & your presence.

10. Do Not Compromise with your ethics & work even if you have to give up your Job because you'll get the new one very soon :)

11. The more you worry about your job [security], your chances of LOSING that job will increase.

P.S. Everybody Respects & Remember the Crazy ones who are dedicated to their work & have ethics [Personal & Professional] & everything looks dull if these Crazy ones are Not around



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