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Be a Leader, Not a Boss!

Being bossy can cost you too much, you might lose a wonderful employee whereas being a Leader, you can conquer all. I am narrating two incidence here, i hope you all will get what i am trying to say.

1. As an employee:

Just only 2nd day after i joined my first organization, when I didn't have any experience, my manager saw something (potential) in me and asked me to be on-site to help in programming & installations of servers. I did that with a few big mistakes. However my manager was quite happy that i delivered what he trusted me with. And after many years, here i am. Things definitely would have been different if he wouldn't have seen my potential and encouraged me.

2. As a CEO myself:

One day I noticed that one of my employee (very reserved with some good knowledge) was thrashed by his manager for some work related issue. Later I asked that employee to come and had some chit-chat; I observed that he is full of potential yet nobody noticed. I asked him to report to me directly for next 1 month. I encouraged him, gave him some work etc. and within a month, what he delivered was beyond expectations of anyone. He was the employee of the month.



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