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First Invests in Yourself

During my graduation, I worked hard (more than 12 hours a day College + Work) & I earned money through part-time jobs (2-3 hourly jobs in a day) & invested that money to learn new technologies that might help me in future in getting a good job. I passed some courses & obtained certifications "with my money" that I earned as I always felt I should learn to be on my own.

With the Engineering Degree in hand & Technology Certifications, I came to the capital city to find a job but it was quite hard. With many applications, a few interviews & patience, I got a job however the salary was not as expected & with that little salary, I could just pay my rent & regular monthly expenses.

However, I started to save a little money & borrowed some money from my friends to further learn & to get more premium certifications. With some hurdles, I got success in that.

With my on-the-job experience & the certifications I had; I switched my job & found a job where I was offered the salary 3 times of what I was getting earlier & a decent job position that was a perfect fit for my little experience and the professional certifications I had.


Because, Investing in yourself is the biggest and the best investment you can ever do in your life.



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