I don't have enough money to start a Business

Well this is one of the best excuse in business world. And whosoever says this is the lie

I have heard & seen a many people who think without money (at par) $$ things cannot be done the way they have planned it. But the Question is Why??

Have these people not heard about SpaceX ? and the great Elon Musk?

The budget proportions of SpaceX are 10 times Less than that of NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Yet SpaceX has its value competing with the companies/organizations of such a level with limited funds and resources. How?

The thing is when you have less funds, less resources, your brain works overtime and you try to fit in everything with whatever you have. And this is the Formula.

If you can build something really good with $ 1 then there are very good chances that you can do much better with $ 10.

If you are simply making a profit of $5 per $1 invested then you can simply quantify it to understand that you will make a profit of $60 per $10 invested or $700 per $1000 invested.

This is why, you can start with what you have. Its all about GETTING STARTED and not about waiting for the right moment to come. There is absolutely no right moment when you are supposed to start a business.

The right moment to start a new business or something new is NOW, its TODAY not tomorrow.

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- Lakshman Singh


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