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Investor's Pitch Deck (Elements)

Whether it's SEED or SERIES $$ , your deck must have the following:

  1. Vision : One sentence is going to define the future of you & your Startup. Investor's are interested to know what's your limit & plan for next 10-20 years. Vision must be clearly defined, no IF's & BUT's

  2. Problem : Keep it short, sweet & simple. Again try to put it in just one sentence that clearly makes an investor understand if you have good idea of the problem faced by the prospect users/customers in this vertical.

  3. Solution : Your solution to the problem must be precise & must clearly address the root cause of the Problem. Investors are more likely to gain confidence in you if you put it all together in just one sentence.

  4. Market Analysis : Tell the investor about the Market through its sizing. The TAM (Total Available Market), SAM (Servicable Available Market), SOM (Servicable Obtainable Market). Use Charts, Graphs etc., less words.

  5. Competitors & Competitive Analysis : Present this section in a QUADRANT CHART. Place your STARTUP in this chart in a way that it clearly tells the investors where your Startup Stands among your competitors.

  6. Business Model : How you are going to make money ? Tell the investors "NOT IN WORDS" but through ELEMENTS or DESIGN. Keep it Minimal ! It'd be better to have only ONE ELEMENT in this slide.

  7. Traction : Put together all of the NUMBERS that your Startup Business has GAINED. No Projections but only the Numbers achieved. If you are raising $$ at MVP Stage then the numbers from MVP VALIDATION ACTIVITY.

  8. Team : Tell the investor about who the founder is, who the co-founder(s) is/are, who are the mentors & advisors. Also the other memebers of the team & their expertise. Must use pictures of all of the members.

  9. The Ask : Tell the investor how much funds $$ you are looking for ? how long will this $$ suffice ? how are you planning to use these funds (in a pie chart) ? What's the business valuation (Pre & Post) ? How much equity you are offering ? If you have raised funds $$ earlier then the round & the value ?

Remember, Investor has to scan the pitch deck in a minute. Pitch Deck is the reflection of what you want to tell the investor in a 1 hour meeting, through just a couple of slides that must be readable within a minute.



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