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The Investor's World:

Wework, Softbank, Masayoshi Son & Adam Neumann

It's very easy to talk about or Criticize #Masayoshi_Son the CEO of the SoftBank Group in the matter of WeWork where his decision led the SoftBank Group to hit massive losses.

I don't see many talking or criticizing #adam of WeWork and everybody just considered that it was the failure of #Masayoshi_Son and I am partially agree with it and yes, it was his decision but not all of it.

However, have you ever thought what were the circumstances, who was involved in the negotiations, who were working with the numbers, what was the projected growth rate presented by #adam of WeWork and his team. How everything was framed and for what purpose?

Because a monetory deal never happens only between TWO people; there are many others involved in many stages & in different terms, sometimes there are many influencers who are there just to influence the deal in some manner.

Something is very very clear in the investment world that not all investments are going to give you the fruits, chances are only a few will make it to the top and they will give the returns that an #investor ever wanted and rest all will fail.

This is why one should think before critisizing #Masayoshi_Son or the SoftBank Group

Investment world is altogether different, its where money flows and because there are NOT machines who takes the decision whether to invest in a company or not, there are always chances of failure, misjudgement, miscalculations etc.



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