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Leadership is not everyone's Cup of Tea


Leadership is when you polish at least one skill and you make yourself master of that skill. Then it'll not matter how many weaknesses you have, you'll always be in command over others because of your absolute mastery on that one skill.

  • A Leader must be as soft as a kid but at the same time he/she must be as tough as mountain.

  • A Leader must be brave enough to pave the way through the dense forest and let people walk through it.

  • A Leader must learn to forgive and understand that things happen and people make mistakes.

  • A Leader must be patient and always must have a great vision.

  • A Leader is the one, who is not just a Boss but a Friend with whom one can share, laugh, play and work.

P.S. What if you have mastered on more than 2 skills :) you can lead not just a team but millions of people.



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