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Learn from your Mistakes, Will Help You in the Long run.

I remember, a couple of years back, Just after I joined my first organization, I was asked to do some on-site work & one day I mistakenly brought down the whole Network of our client (200 employees) making the whole company paralyzed for at least 15-20 minutes.

After this incident -- I was expecting a "good" farewell on the same evening & expecting my manager to hold and scold me; HOWEVER Surprisingly, he said to me very Politely "it's ok Lakshman, things happen, don't worry but don't repeat the same in future".

This was the only conversation we had and that ended with a Smile. I learned many things in this very short conversation and I started respecting my manager more than ever and now its been many years & we are not in that much touch but i still respect him the same way i used to when i worked with him for a very short time.

Always remember there are two sides of every coin, same goes with the Memories.

1. Memories: Good things happened with us & we smile when we remember those moments.

2. Experiences: Bad things happened with us & we learn [mostly] from these and move on.



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