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Life Without Purpose? It's As Good As Dead

Do you know why? Because:

  • The day you STOP learning, you are DEAD.

  • The day you think you have LEARNED EVERYTHING, you are DEAD.

  • The day you think you have ACHIEVED EVERYTHING, you are DEAD.

Be an active learned throughout your life, no person can ever learn everything even in his own domain in 100 years of his life. This is the Truth. The more you learn, the more you grow and you grow wiser.

Why I am emphasizing on "No Purpose, No Life"? Wasting your precious time in useless things and overthinking cost you too much and it gives you no outcome.

Find purpose in your life and you feel happy & content.

I would suggest you to do things Just for the 1 day:

1. Do not Turn on your Television

2. Use phone only if its very urgent

3. Turn off your WiFi

This will let you CONVERSE and actively participate with PEOPLE around you & feel will be like you are out of the world and have got peace & happiness with yourself, your friends, your family.

Then it would become easier for you to find your purpose in your life.

Please mark my words, if you are going to feel that it is easy to write but difficult to follow, then i will have to share a interesting thing about word & learning & finding their purpose.

It was the BELIEF & FAITH that led great explorers centuries back to discover new countries, islands and they traveled through Land and Sea and faced many obstacles, fights, rough seas etc. and with the faith and courage they overcame everything and made this world looks like what we know today.

Always keep on finding the purpose in life.



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