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"Millionaire under 30" is no more fascinating now

I was just going through some blog and there the person said it correctly, how people get (kind of) Demotivated after seeing their friends & others succeeding especially with UNDER 30 or 40 Tags.

Even I have sometimes felt Demotivated after seeing many of my friends, juniors passing me in terms of everything, yet I was determined and did what I loved and still doing it. This is what gives me a good feeling.

Now I have left many ways behind who was (once upon a time) was way ahead of me.

Nobody needs to be disappointed because it has nothing to do with what tag you get or what institution you are from. All that makes you successful or known is "You".

Remember, you need not be from Harvard, Princeton or MIT to be successful, entrepreneur, wealthiest. You need to be "You" only. Don't try to become like others.

I am also NOT from any of the Top Institutions of the world (i wished if I would have) like Harvard Business School or others., Yet I mentor people (alumni) from these top-notch institutions.

Just be "You"



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Aug 10, 2021

Hello mate great blog poost

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