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Pros & Cons of Technology

What I think is, when you READ A BOOK, you visualize the picture and that helps your brain to grow & function much better than when you just watch a movie where nothing to visualize or to learn and your brain is just sitting idle.

When people find something which is explained with the help of Images & Videos, they immediately get connected to it. They easily relate everything and remembers for the longest time. Few platforms have come up with an idea to educate children in a very creative way with the help of Images & Videos. Kids are getting addicted to their type of study/material. They think it’s easy to memorize but at the same time, they are not able to see for the future point of view. This can result in more dependability on Technology and they might face issues in their jobs or business where no technology can beat a human mind.

However, innovation has its own pros & cons. Some platforms have moved forward with an innovative way to let the people see what they cannot visualize (mathematics or physics) and this helps them to grow… in my opinion, their material should be used only when it's necessary and there are problems that require online mentoring or visualization BUT if you use it regularly for everything then LETHARGY is obvious.

Also, due to the adaption of technology, social isolation is growing bigger and bigger because we are now a days more detached from "people" and connected to "machines".

There used to be a time when 4 people sit together and share the things and laugh but now when these 4 people sit together, everybody is holding his/her smartphone or other devices and is sending "laugh" emoji's to others who are sitting next to him/her rather than actually laughing.

People are getting angry, angry and more angry now a days because the social empathy has diminished not because they wanted to but because they have found another virtual friend "smartphone".

To avoid this kind of "social isolation", i'd say, for one day:

1. Do not use your mobile phone

2. Do not watch TV or Web

and you will feel good.



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