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The Best Salesmen

The beggars of india are the most underrated yet most qualified "Salesmen" and they are unbeatable by the best of the best "salesmen" of any fortune 500 company.

Key points to be noticed about these Beggars:

1. They have a defined market & place

2. They do not interfere in others territories3

3. They recognize their target customers very well

4. They have different strategies to different customers {individual, a couple, a couple with kids, a family, group of friends}

5. They have optimized their time & strategies to the extent that they gets activated as soon as the light turns orange (not red)

6. They are perfect Negotiators

7. They respect the deals

8. They greet a recurring customer with special strategies

9. They are the master of human emotional intelligence

One can learn a lot by seeing & observing these beggars and can implement the same in his/her business to increase the sales & revenue by increasing the Customer Retention.



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