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The Dark Truth of an Entrepreneur's Journey !!

Entrepreneurship is like diving into the ocean...... "an ocean of Unknown".

And building a boat while you are in the water with very limited resources & that's not all... the high waves are trying to throw you back to the shore as if they are testing your will power to travel.

And sailing with this small tiny boat to the far lands, to the unknown; the unknown where you don't know what it's gonna be like.

For sure, during the journey you will face a lot of hurdles known or unknown, seen or unseen. Sometimes you'll feel like Sea Storms are trying kill you, trying to drown you, trying to drift you away... Sometimes you'll feel like killer sharks, whales, creatures want to cut you in half, want to suck all of the blood you have... Sometimes you'll feel like there are unknown scary creatures (like ghosts) who are trying to give you sleepless nights and making you fearful :(

...but that's not all; You are thirsty and hungry. You have not eaten anything for days & waiting for the rain to bless you with some fresh water for drink, just the fresh water and nothing else. You'll have mixed feelings throughout your journey, a lot of feelings but mainly the feeling of getting down, losing hope.

Remember you will get a Lot of Reasons to Lose Hope; however Stay Focused, keep going and Sing a Song (if you want to) but Do Not Lose Hope... ...because Hope is the only thing you have.

Finally someday, miracle will happen :)

You will see a flock of birds flying above your head & singing a song and trying to tell you something..... something what?? what exactly do you want to hear??

Birds are telling you..... Dear look !! there is the Land !! Beautiful !! Amazing !! What a feeling!! There are No words that can describe this feeling in any dictionary or in any language.

The Land is where you will be getting Delicious Food, Fresh Water, Shelter and Everything that you have always wanted to and dreamed of. The Land where you'll find gold, gold mines, diamonds and everything..... and what more?? Only you, Yes, You & Only You are the rightful owner of all of this and nobody else.

Sit down, Look at the Ocean while keeping your hands full of bread and butter and the gold & diamonds alongside in your pocket. Enjoy the breeze.................

This is how a person begins his journey for a business and after a few years, he sees what others have not even thought of or have fantasized the beauty of being there.

This is the Life's Journey of an Entrepreneur !! This is the Truth !!



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