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The Grass Is Always Greener on the Other Side of the Fence!

Nobody sees or want to see the dark side of the moon because everyone is fascinated with the bright side of it.

People often see & fascinate the life of successful entrepreneurs (who build Uber, AirBnB, etc) having multi-million billion $$ businesses & have a good net worth. Everyone wants to build something like that so that the dreamer can live the life of a millionaire or billionaire.

But what these daydreamers forget is how difficult it was for those billionaires to build that business, the obstacles they faced & made many valuable sacrifices.

There are turning points in an entrepreneur's life where he may go bankrupt or face severe depression (even thought of suicide). He might have faced a lot of trouble, hurdle in raising money for his company. Once he has put a lot of efforts & has built the product/company, he sometimes thinks of selling it or closing it because there is no other way, especially the money to pour into it (Google is a perfect example).

The GOOGLE that we know today might not have been in this form because its FOUNDERS (Larry & Sergey) wanted to SELL GOOGLE in its early days.

  • Larry Page tried to sell Google for $1 million in 1999 to "EXCITE" but deal failed.

  • Larry Page tried to sell Google to "YAHOO" but the deal failed again.

Now people see Google and without knowing what its founders have gone through (for years) and what have they sacrificed; people just fascinate that Google is worth $815 BILLION and the net worth of its founders is in BILLION $$ but they forget that there is "dark side of the moon" too.

Often times, founders got frustrated however they learn to be patient and do not react aggressively or quickly because during the journey they have seen that keeping themselves calm might make the things work.

There are sleepless nights, a lot of sleepless nights. Sometimes you don't even know when its morning or when it's evening because you are so much involved in your things.

An entrepreneurs family is most affected here, as sometimes it's days they have not seen him and when they see him, it might just be for a few hours.

Nobody can understand the REAL PAIN of being a founder/entrepreneur until and unless that person himself/herself chose to go through this path.

Founding a company from scratch and to taking it to IPO with consistent efforts is like nurturing a baby from day 1 until the day that baby is self-dependent and even by the time you live, you always look after him/her.



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