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The right way of "Thinking to Doing"

Recently i come across a person who is blatantly deriving the whole new concept of 'Thinking to Doing" As per his definition of "Thinking to Doing"- A person who has just graduated is trying to fix the problem at the management level and making a giant mess of everything"

Just because, if you have not looked at the problem or may not have understood the problem just for once, how can you work on the solution??

I mean, you can answer the question ONLY IF you have read the Question properly and if you try to answer the question just by reading the fist 3 words then you are making a mess and are surely going to fail.

The approach "Thinking to Doing" is worth when you have understood the problem "in time" and rather than wasting more time on more and more discussion, and then, you started working on it.

Business approaches are simple yet complex and working on business solutions without understanding the business problems simply makes a person "inexperienced & toxicated" in business culture.



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