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Your Destiny is in Your Hand

When i started my business, many people said "Don't do it". I had confidence in me, i thought i must give it a shot & i did. I didn't care about what others said.

After a few months it looked like, its not going to work but I was doing something that i loved; was it madness? Yes it was.

A few months later, again, people said, Lakshman Singh this is not going to work, we are telling you, this will not work because of so & so... they gave me many reasons, yet again; i didn't care what they say.

After constant negativity from the people around me, i myself thought why i am doing it when i am not getting anything positive result in return and on the other hand losing my money, time & value?

But there was one thing; that I put my efforts in it constantly since the beginning (however sometimes a bit low, sometimes a bit high).

I heard everyone but cared about my decisions only, whether they were good or bad; i knew all i have in my hand, is my hard work & i put rest to the God.

I said this to my God, whatever good or bad happens, its just me and you; If I don't give my efforts & bad things happen then i am responsible BUT if i give my efforts & bad things happen then you are responsible. I am giving my efforts and I want you to be with me.

And you know what? Magic happened, Things went well soon.



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