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An investor is not answerable for everything


1. You say, an investor should not look just at the numbers rather, he should be more focused on how many jobs can be created:- First understand the difference between an Investor and a Trustee/Donation. One person can be an investor who is investing for returns and at the same time can be a trustee who is donating for some good. You yourself is an investor when you buy anything from the market because you JUDGE that thing for which you are going to pay and if its worth more than that money, you will invest and buy :) :)

2. Investors ARE NOT Crazy people. They analyze the market+data+potential etc and then invest whereas the founders are the Crazy (most of them) people and they must be because they have to have that energy to achieve the things.

3. Everybody including me AGREE that an ECOSYSTEM must be there to nourish the businesses. However this Ecosystem is not build just by one person only but with many people who are participating in their best possible ways to build this Ecosystem.

Blaming or going to investor every single argument will not result you in progress rather it will waste your precious time. If a person is investing a single penny in your business then he has every right to ask for his ROI.



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