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New Age Tortoise & Rabbit

Most of us have heard of Rabbit & Tortoise story from our parents & grandparents. Today, I will explain to you how this story is still relevant especially in Business Culture.

Culture in a company goes from the TOP to the BOTTOM.

The performance-driven culture is greatly seen in un-focused, dwindling, excessive-money-driven businesses.

The Problem with the Growth-Driven Culture is that it is a bit hard to build, and then to Maintain it because you have to bring in all of the people to think alike in a manner which is productive.

If the Growth-Driven culture is achieved then the company will get sustainable results in terms of revenue, client retention, employee growth YOY.

In short, A performance Oriented culture is like the Rabbit and A Growth Oriented culture is like the Tortoise.

Don't forget it was the Tortoise who won the race.

Here, I would like to add a few more lines.

Although we all read book stories but we can not read business in books. But, we can relate stories according to business scenarios.

No Book can ever teach you Business whether it's from the School or College. Because whatever you learn, earn & experience in Business, is always Practical not Theoretical.

Books can only give you the basic definitions but it's you who will be facing the real challenges, situations that will be mostly circumstantial. But we can relate stories & business.



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