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Treat Your Employees as Family & See the Magic!

If I am saying that treating your employees as your family will get you amazing results then I am not wrong.

I have myself seen this magic. I sit with my people and interact with them on most of the matters. It's like a family to me, Spending the whole day with them rejuvenates me. I even discuss the strategies, money matters, future plans with my people who otherwise assumed that they cannot be a part of that high level discussion where company future matters.

Once in a week, we go on an outing to have our lunch somewhere and the lunch break even extends to 3 hours or more but this is the quality time we spend together and the best part is when we ride in the car and laugh together, share the common things happening at our homes etc.

Also i remember one story, when my designer asked for a day leave for his son's b'day, i granted him the leave even when we were in critical situation on the design front. With little knowledge i had, i made the design changes that day myself in the website rather than engaging some other resource and i'd say i got surprised when my designer pinged me in the night around 11 pm and told me that i did a good job [i didn't knew if i did :-) ] and that he will now take over and will complete the task in next few hours. He completed everything by 4 am and because he was awake, so was I. I reached office next day at 10 am and by 10:30 am he was there But I never asked him to come because i knew he worked quite late in the night and he might not even got his sleep but he was there and i said "Thank you". That's it. That was a feeling we shared.

Now i realize, what i did or what he did, was something more than professional. I understand family issues and i granted him leave to celebrate and on the other hand, he take a note of the situation and felt like he should be there even when it was late.

And always remember, People follow leaders who sets examples (good examples).

1. When i reach my office before time, i set an example to others and i see that my people then either reach before time or on time.

2. When i work on weekends & holidays and do not expect the same from my people, they themselves feel motivated & they also work on something during weekends and present that on Monday.

3. When i discuss the growth plan, new strategies, vision, future with my people; they are part of it; they show their interest in it and share their thoughts which sometimes are much more valuable than anything.



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