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Lakshman Singh

Fund Manager

Startup Mentor | Angel Investments

Lakshman Singh | Startup Mentor | Business Coach & Consultant | Angel Investor
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Lakshman is a Fund Manager (Hedge Fund), Startup Mentor & an Angel Investor. He has delivered over 1000 consultations valued at $500 million to the people from over 110 global cities. He is an inspirational Path Finder for many CXO's.


Marques Washington

(Startup Business)

Lakshman has helped me by analyzing the market, need, product, customers for me & bringing me on track that i lost since i started working.

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Laurent Simon

MD (Kuehne)

Lakshman has good knowledge on Startup Businesses. I attended his STARTUP MENTORSHIP PROGRAM & it was awesome & i'll recommend to all.


Deric Karunenudas

(Director Cyber Security)

Lakshman posses excellent knowledge of business. He answered each & every question & his real life examples were amazing & to the point.

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