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Lakshman Singh

Startup Investor

Hedge Fund Manager | Business Mentor

Lakshman Singh | Startup Mentor | Business Coach & Consultant | Angel Investor


Embarked on a journey to build a $ 100 million Private Equity Fund.

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Lakshman is an Angel (Startup) Investor, a Fund Manager (Hedge Fund) & a Business Mentor. He has delivered consultations & mentored businesses valued over $500 million & have invested in Startups & SME. He is an inspirational Path Finder for more than 1000 CEO's & Founders. He adds a great value to the businesses as a mentor & as an investor. He has embarked on a journey to build a $100 million Private Equity (PE) Fund.


Marques Washington

(Startup Business)

Lakshman has helped me by analyzing the market, need, product, customers for me & bringing me on track that i lost since i started working.

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Laurent Simon

MD (Kuehne)

Lakshman has good knowledge on Startup Businesses. I attended his STARTUP MENTORSHIP PROGRAM & it was awesome & i'll recommend to all.


Deric Karunenudas

(Director Cyber Security)

Lakshman posses excellent knowledge of business. He answered each & every question & his real life examples were amazing & to the point.

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